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Tune Story is a popular music sharing app that allows you to share a music story contemporary to the song you are currently listening to.

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Premium Features

A fun and creative way to share your music playlist with your friends.

Easy way To Showcase Your Musical Mood

Now showcase your current music mood to all your followers and display your rythmic side to them. This app is just the perfect place to share the song you are currently listening to.

Links With Multiple Music Plaforms

No matter which music app you are using, you can now add story of your favourite song from various music platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, Gaana, etc.

The Ranking Algorithm

The app use the ranking algorithm for displaying the story i.e. the recent uploads are displayed first.

Tag Your Friends

Tag you friends to let them enjoy the music you are listening to and create the essence of virtual music party.

Short Span Story

Unlike Instagram story which stays for 24 hrs, the span of the tune story is exactly same as the duration of the song. Simply, the story stays live till the song is playing.

Creates Log Of Your Playlist

Once the story vanishes, it is saved in the archives which further creates the log of your entire day playlist. This log can be viewed by all your followers to let them know what songs you have been listening to throughout the day.

Tune Story App- The Lyrical Feast

Express Your Shades Of Music

With Tune story app, you can express your taste of music and share it with your friends and followers by uploading a story. The story stays till the song is playing, and thenafter it is moved to archive folder.

Connect With Your Friends In A Musical Way

Let your friends you which song you are immersing yourself in.
Give your friends a delight by dedicating a song to them and tagging them in your story.

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A Savior To Your Dull Moment

Having a dull day?
Not to worry.
With Tune story you can share latest party songs with your friends and enjoy the moment without even meeting them.


What Our Users Says

Me and my friend love this app as we can now listen to each other's current favorite song together.

Ena Shah

Teacher at Abc School

This app pumped up our party feels even during this lockdown. We all shared the party songs on the app and created a playlist of the same.

Mrs. Gosh


No more party barriers even when we cannot meet our friends and family. With Tune Story, we can easily create lyrical connections with our friends.

John Doe